Writing a book is like birthing a baby. No, really, it is.

The labor is slow and painful at times, but in contrast, the feeling of joy knowing that this bundle is coming out into the world is inexplicable.

It’s like you are a proud mom who just went through 16 hours of labor and pushed that little guy (or girl) out! Whew.

It took me a full year to write this thing. It had been on my heart for much longer, but the fact of the matter is, I could not have written the last couple of chapters unless the emotionally charged events I went through in the last year had not occurred. It appears there was a specific timeframe that this book’s writing needed to go by. I needed to write this book. For myself, and for the world. See, there is someone out there that needs to hear your story. And, we all have one.

My intention was to share my own journey to explain my version of the American Dream Realized, and how someone like me, could overcome ordinary challenges to create a rewarding and extraordinary life. I am not the richest, most well known, or talented person on the planet. But, I do love the life I have created, amidst all that I have endured. And, what I have endured isn’t life altering devastation, but they are common challenges that can change the trajectory of one’s life.  At any of these roadblocks, I could have made the cop-out decision, but I didn’t. If someone as ordinary as myself could overcome these ordinary obstacles, then anyone can. I didn’t let a human being, or a situation, or a feeling stop me from going for my dreams. And, while I haven’t attained them all, I strive for them every day.

It went through six editing stages and there were times I would be proud of having 10,000 words, only to get through an edit and come back with 5,000. I went deep into my memory bank to add detail to the stories that needed to be told.  The surprise I found in this process is this: I HEALED PARTS OF MY HEART I DID NOT KNOW NEEDED HEALING.

When I saw all of this on paper these are some of the things that happened: I realized that the racism I faced was a minor part of what others face everyday. I saw my own people and heritage positively.  I had a brand new compassion for my parents that I never had. I mended the broken relationship with my son’s father. I forgave myself. I gave myself grace for having withstood post-partum depression and not knowing I had it.  I realized that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. I saw that I had true courage by having put myself out there in various ways. I found meaning in love and what opening my heart to someone that I thought was the love of my life did to teach me more about myself. I found a way to explain how I got to God.

I needed to really take my time with this book, because it isn’t about accounting, it is about the vulnerable parts of who I am.

The book will launch publicly in mid-January and I can’t wait to see how many lives it touches.



About Nesha:
Nesha Pai founded Charlotte, NC based Pai CPA, PLLC in 2011, which was born out of a passion for client service and creating
customized accounting solutions for small business owners and start-ups. Having graduated Magna Cum Laude
from NC State University and subsequently earning a CPA license in 1996, Pai embarked on a career that set
her on a path toward entrepreneurship focused on operational excellence. As a strong advocate for small
business and the spirit of mentorship, Pai launched Pai Networking Group in 2016. Today, Pai continues small
business advocacy and professional development through production of a successful podcast, key charitable
partnership initiatives, speaking engagements and a soon-to-be-released book on overcoming adversity as a
first generation Indian woman in the south.