If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, there are a few things you should know. First, I will be very fashionable and very colorful—it’s just my way. Second, regardless of the topic or setting, I have learned the value of sharing my story honestly and vulnerably. If that honesty or vulnerability needs to be edited, we may have a problem. Third, I’ve learned the value of hearing from others and making spaces for strangers to share their stories with each other. Basically, I love to chat. So more than likely, I’m going to want a few minutes to pow wow with the crowd (I’m sure we can figure something out). Last, and most important, I am thankful for organizers who value their communities and lead events that allow stories to be heard—and if you’re reading this, and that’s you, then “thank you!” To get things started, here are a few themes of which my speaking centers around. Please note that these are examples and I am happy to formulate a topic that fits the time frame and theme of accepted events.

Financial Statements 101
Empowering business owners to understand their numbers.

Black Sheep Business Owner
Share about how not fitting in is a good thing.
How to navigate the early days of being a black sheep.

Immigrant Daughters
Share deeper insights into how the immigration story manifests in women when they enter the workforce as a first generation American.

A “Thank You” to Stay-At-Home-Moms
Sharing how her mother’s strength affected her.
Sharing how her own stay-at-home time/post-partum paved a way for her future diligence.
Sharing how the ex-boss shamed her for having been a stay at home mom and was not up to her peers standards, as a way to avoid giving her a raise.

Share insights of how being a mother and an entrepreneur are different from a typical 9-5 role.
Juggling entrepreneurship and the single mom.

Launching Without Experience
Share insights about making your own lane in something that you have never had experience in.

Rejecting Dogma and Finding Your Own Path to God
Converting from Hinduism to Christianity later in life.


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