She Dreams in Color Podcast

Interview with Jennifer Moxley

WCNC appearance on “Where’s The Money”

Interview with anchor Michelle Boudin

The Real Influencers Project

Interview with Craig Reynolds

WCNC Evening News Interview by Michelle Boudin

Charlotte area small business owners are starting to receive loans due to COVID-19

WCNC appearance on Charlotte Today

Small Business Financial Tips During COVID-19 Crisis

Uniquely Qualified TV

Interview with Jacinda Jacobs, 2020 NBA All-Star Announcer/Former Charlotte NC TV Anchor

Say Yes to Your Calling

WCNC Charlotte Today Interview with Colleen Odegaard

5 Things You Need to Think About When Entering into Entrepreneurship

WBTV appearance on QCLIFE with Cheryl Brayboy

Business Owner Writes Book To Help Others Overcome Obstacles

Nesha Pai is a CPA in Charlotte who owns her own business. It took a lot for her to become a business owner, including having to overcome ordinary obstacles. She talked to Cheryl Brayboy about what those obstacles were and what to expect in her first book.

WBTV appearance on QCLIFE

Let’s Get Real About Love Panel

WBTV appearance on QCLIFE

Let’s Get Real About Love Panel

Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles-Mental Health

 Shame, regret, pressure, breakTHROUGHS, forgiveness, rising. This episode is such a good one!!! I speak to Nesha Pai of Charlotte, NC.  

Love The Work You Do ~ Erica Castner

Episode 35: Along, with two other female entrepreneurs, Nesha Pai speaks on a panel about creative ways to expand your brand.

The Muse Project- Adib Kapasi

Episode 4: What It Takes to Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Be Amazing Podcast ~ Cel Thompson

Episode 47

The Katie Black Show

Episode 11: Nesha Pai speaks about growing up in the South, Advice on wealth building, Enron, Postpartum Depression, Changing religions, and much more. Recorded in Charlotte, NC

Branding BFF™

Branding BFF™ is a podcast for service businesses, creative professionals and coaches. Join me for authentic conversations with entrepreneurs and brand creators to gain behind-the-scenes insights and inspiration you can apply to your brand and your business.In this episode we talk with Nesha Pai, founder of Pai CPA and her personal brand Nesha Pai. Our topic is “The Courage to Stand Out”.

Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose

Are you facing challenges in your life or business that have got you down or discouraged? Do you wonder how you can overcome obstacles you are facing to meet the goals you set for yourself?

If you need to be encouraged that overcoming obstacles is something you can do then you’re going to love today’s episode.

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January 2022

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How I Made It: 20 Questions

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Curated Community Divorce  Advice

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Book Review
Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles

Authority Magazine

5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Manage a Remote Team

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Breaking Barriers

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Small Business Tips During COVID-19

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Wellness Article
Is FOMO Killing Us Slowly? Learning to Say No

SPARK Publications

SPARK Publications Blog
Book Release Interview

People of Charlotte

People of Charlotte, a storytelling platform for everyday people. They give your story a home.

Breaking Barriers Through Her CPA Business and Networking Group


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