Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles

Boldly Claiming the Facets of an Extraordinary Life

OBSTACLES ARE OPPORTUNITIES In “Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles,” Nesha Pai shows us how faith, forgiveness, resilience, and an impeccable sense of style can turn obstacles into opportunities. From overcoming racism and sexism to creating her own identity and building a business, this first‑generation American is a prime example of creating the life you want.

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Award Winning

Best Book Award

“Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles: Boldly Claiming the Facets of an Extraordinary Life” has won the award for best book in the “Multicultural Non-Fiction” category of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. The nearly 400 winners and finalists, of all categories, were selected from over 2,000 entries from traditional and independent publisher.  Jeffrey Keen (President & CEO of American Book Fest) says of the awards, now in their 18th year, “The 2020 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the United States.  


Opportunities Arise When You Lean on Your Faith and Learn to Forgive

I recognize the majority of reviews are from females, but as a male, I found so many lessons in this book. The greatest lesson was how faith and forgiveness can remove obstacles and take you further in life. I could not put the book down until I read it all!


Nesha captures so eloquently a very vulnerable and honest journey of a first gen American and the identity struggles that come with it. It is a beautifully written book that is easy to understand and gives the reader contemplative questions to consider about his/her own life. 

Fruitful Read

Pai has an "extraordinary" outlay on how our life experiences can push us down to only lift us up and never accept ordinary.

Relatable and implores you to self-reflect

Anytime an author inspires us to self-reflect in a constructive way becomes words worth reading! I commend the author for putting her vulnerability out front to implore us to do the same. We don't grow without truthful reflection and we don't forge forward by simmering in the past. It's obvious Nesha has used her experiences productively and positively and I will hold onto that key takeaway. You are what you believe and I believe Nesha has an extraordinary life in front of her., as she will keep inviting ordinary obstacles into her life in order to sustain the growth she continually seeks.

Level Up in Life

...The book often reads like a long, newsy letter from a friend you haven’t seen in many years; that is, easily accessible and conversational in its tone. I don’t think she’s trying to become some kind of self-help guru. I see the book as an act of service, where she shares her experience, strength and hope with the world. Undoubtedly it will spark inspiration, creativity, self-confidence or recognition in those who read it.

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