• Founder of Pai CPA, LLC, in Charlotte, started in 2011
  • Started her firm as a single mother
  • Hometown is Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from NC State
  • Licensed CPA since 1996
  • Began her career within the world‐renowned accounting firm Arthur Andersen
  • Mentors younger students in Accounting and Entrepreneurship
  • Serves entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Created Pai Networking Group in 2017 as a
    platform to highlight small businesses
  • Launched her podcast series, Piece of the Pai, that
    focuses on allowing successful entrepreneurs to
    share their business insight
  • Published her book, Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles, in December 2019
  • Mother to a son who attends her alma mater NC State University
  • In 2020, she was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times in Charlotte
  • Received the Emerging Leader award by Career Mastered Magazine



Almost a decade ago I opened my own accounting business in the Queen City to service budding entrepreneurs and growing businesses in their consulting and financial needs. As I relished in the newly found challenges, successes, freedom, and pride that owning Pai CPA brought, I began to slowly see the story tied to its fruition and its future. The fruition was paved from my viewpoint as a hard-working immigrant’s daughter, then as a career-focused accounting expert, and, ultimately, a modern wife transitioning to a single mom. The future, well, how that was going to be paved would be up to me.

Like most women, a series of ups and downs—that I now view as lessons and blessings—caused me to take ownership of my heritage, healing, and career. Through my first published book ‘Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles’, I talk about how each of these lessons and blessings impacted my next steps. At the end of each chapter, I prompt readers to evaluate their current situation in relation to my written experience. I believe that we are inspired by the stories of others, but we are intrinsically empowered by how we decide to tell our own. When you own your own truth and your own story, only then can it truly be an inspiration to others. And that’s where I find myself today.

I’m still a business owner, with a passion for numbers and a heart for entrepreneurs and courageous businesses. I’m still a mom to a wonderful son and I am still a proud immigrant’s daughter. But, new roles have been added as my story has unfolded. In 2016 I launched the podcast “Piece of the Pai,” in which I pick the brains of new and seasoned business owners for listeners looking to expand their knowledge.

Over the past decade I’ve organized and hosted networking events that have brought hundreds of professionals together through Pai Networking. My most recent role as an author and speaker is a new challenge and sense of pride that I’m relishing—just as I relished the beginning of Pai CPA a decade ago.

I’m excited for the new speaking engagements, camaraderie, and joys that the future will continue to bring as I continue sharing my story to inspire others. And, I hope to hear a few of your stories along the way.

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